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The forum for the ravand.org server! Vote or donate below for ingame rewards!

Each Donator rank already receives more plots than the previous rank in addition to a large number of credits, which can be used to purchase more plots.
Each Donator rank (Donator, Donator+ and Grand-Donator) has progressive accolades. Donator, for example, mostly gets access to more plots and world edit, while Donator+ gets more cosmetic upgrades such as /hat and /trail (plus more plots,) while Grand-Donator and Supreme-Donator further expand upon ...
Just a reminder that there's now slightly under 5 days to finish and submit your plots!

To submit, reply to this post with:

- Your Name (and partner, if applicable)

- How to get to the plot i.e: / p v (your name) (plot number)
Ravand Community Halloween C- Contest As you may know, it has been a tradition to hold a contest on the Creative- world for the past few years during October. And I’m here to announce yet another Halloween Themed Contest! Results: 1st: GerPac 79/100 2nd: Redranger__ and Kurgahn_ 76/100 3rd: Lego10g...

This tutorial might help. Make sure you've properly installed it before troubleshooting anything else. Once installing, join ravand.org and go to the creative server. The easiest way to tell whether or not your OptiFine is working properly is to use /warp metas.
Lego10Gubbe - Mediterranean - Architect
FilTheMilkMaker - Mediterranean - Architect
1q2w3e4r - Mediterranean - Architect
If you haven't been on in over 200 days and you can't get to it using /p v (yourname) #, then it has probably been deleted. We delete inactive plots that are owned by people who haven't been on the server in quite a while. Unfortunately, your plot was probably deleted a while ago and it isn't likely...
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