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ravand wrote:
i think its fixed now check

Fixed! Thanks
ravand wrote:
what verison of mc you using?

I am using 1.7.10 with forge/optifine and all the mods that come with the installer! Also the conquest texture pack
I am still having the same problem
AZTERiX_ wrote:
PS, nice Baratheon standard

Thanks! :)
Thank you!
ravand wrote:
Thats weird, try maybe using the numeric ip?

I tried with that IP and i still have the same message popping up when i try to join :(
Hello, I installed the latest version of the Ravand Installer for the server but when I try to log in to the server I get this message..
I have tried searching for a solution but I dont find anything that helps! It's been like this for a couple hours now.. help!
Hello! I logged in to this server a couple months ago I believe and left my plot unfinished (Sorry) due to lack of time.. I now come back to build more often and try to improve my building skills! About me: I'm 17 years old, sometimes I do medieval skins, building is one of my favorite things to do ...