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@iizza go away everyone knows you're a trap... and a jailbait


welcome to our server :)
cool looks nice will give it a try if i use rainmeter again
i think its fixed now check
what verison of mc you using?
Thats weird, try maybe using the numeric ip?
Take care dude, despite the drama you were a very competent reviewer and staff member imo.
Your over enthusiasm might have annoyed some people and caused some drama, but i know that ur intentions were never bad.
We definitely had some fun time while you were around

Good luck with your future plans.
Come and join us on our discord server: m The ingame chat and discord chat are linked together atm! We are also looking for moderators if many people decide to join! If you dont know what discord is: Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming. Discord was born out of ...
Fenster22 wrote:
Thanks for the kind welcome everyone! I'm finally back from vacation.

Welcome back!
Fenster22 wrote:
I noticed the command to request a review, i'll do that once my building is finished.

good luck!