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What is your question? You're not talking to dukon, youre on the forums of ravand.org. A lot of people on our server speak german so just come online and ask :)
As it's simply just a launcher with mods such as shaders, fly mod, better foliage etc it doesn't affect the metas, so you need actually NEED the launcher. All you need is 1.7 optifine with 1.7 conquest. As for single player, it's not supposed to work, because we use plugins on our server, not mods T...
Hello and welcome!
We do not use the mod, so you should use ravand.org/launcher instead :) Or just optifine 1.7.10 along with Conquest 1.7!

Contest starts tomorrow guys!
This is what the teams look like so far.

This is what the teams currently look like... Anyone mind joining Mediterranean or Oriental? (girl)

And the winners of the buildoff are..... Team Mediterranean! Yes guys, Mediterranean team won with 67 points, and on second place we have oriental with 60 points! Congratiulations to both teams. As most of you already know, team European had to quit due to inactivity in the team, but the majority o...
Welcome buddy!

I hope you'll have a better time here and atleast keep your plots ;) Enjoy your time on ravand.org
You said one month :D