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Your Minecraft IGN; Slurmp

Your rank on ravand.org : Grandbuilder
Your preferred team : Continental Europe
Your second choice team : Mediterranian
I found iizza, plz fix
iizza wrote:
You got everything wrong, I'm 15, I'm not ethnically Swedish, I don't hate movies I just don't watch them, my name is IZABELLA, IZABELLLAAAAAA....
And wtf cupcakes and popsicles? no. I like fruit and vegetables. It's all I eat.


Wrong, for what u said about me, I have friends, unlike you. :D
Hewe, u seem like a 16-18 year old who loves Space and sci-fi Movies, but can be a bit childish. You have a few friends, but usually only hang out With them.

The Lord of the Rings

Pokemon GO

Witcher 3

Shutter Island

Donkey Kong 64
Now I don't know so much about this but from what I hear from Your ban appeal, that shouldn't really been bannable for 6 months, but if Rol would care to explain more instead of just saying no maybe People would understand more what the problem is for both sides, not just Yours.
Donkey Kong 64 (Best game I've played)
Mario Kart
Super Mario World/1/2/3
All Pokemon Games
We all love u ravand, ur so pretty <3 :ugeek:
ravand wrote:
Post something nice here about our server and get some credits for the server ! :)

I luff this server and u ravand <<3