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I agree on rule technicalities, it shouldn't have to be mentioned that doing what he claims I've done, isn't something you should do, wheter it's applicable for a ban or not it secondary. If you ask Victor today what he thinks about it he'd probably tell you something very different than 6 months ag...
Ravand, the only time rol actually talked with me was prior to the ban, he hasn't "attended" to anything after, and no? as far as I know you've hardly been involved at all? Sure I pissed off Rol, but didn't you read? Victor isn't mad about this, last time we spoke, he was on "my side&...
What a dissapointment, I was hoping the leaders of this great server had some integrity at least, but if you can't even attend to your own forum, and especially this section and a matter / case such as this, whats the point of having it?
I had so many chances? Pardon me but, from the moment you banned me you've ignored me at every attempt I've made to talk with you. Not your job to explain what I did "to Everyone" ? What are you talking about..?
indeed exactly, thank you. Don't be a wall please Rol.
Hi, this is a ban appeal about something that first happened over 6 months ago back in October 2015, an unsung hero gave me the idea to make a post about this here, because honestly, it's been far too long. Glad to see the forum back up and running as well. This is.. according to me, somewhat of a s...
Sonic & Knuckles on PC, and some Sonic game on PS1
Mario 64
Marikart 64
Lego racers PS1
Pokemon blue / yellow
Super smash melee
Starcraft 1

Some of the more memorable ones..