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Favorite Movies/Games v2.0

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Found this on reddit a long time ago... Name three to five of your favorite movies OR games, while others attempt to describe your personality in the greatest detail possible(based on your choice of films/games.)

Scarface, the Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, the Lord of the Rings and Life of Brian!

>>>Reply: 15-16 year old guy, has a small group of friends similar to him, they enjoy talking about things they all enjoy. Good at sports and literature classes
I'll begin:

1) A Clockwork Orange
2) The Godfather
3) Taxi Driver
4) Fallout New Vegas
5) Drive (2011)

Pokemon GO is best game in the galaxy no doubt...
- Interstellar (Movie)

- The Imitation Game (Movie)

- Minecraft

- Predestination (Movie, quite simple to understand compared to what people say)

- Inception (Second time I watched it was boring. I love the film but once you've seen it, watching it again is less impressive).

So I'm trying to guess: AZTERiX_, you're between 15-18, have some friends and maybe no problem to socialize, you're good at sport, action/fps video games but can be easily bored in class.

It looks so wrong :')
Hewe, u seem like a 16-18 year old who loves Space and sci-fi Movies, but can be a bit childish. You have a few friends, but usually only hang out With them.

The Lord of the Rings

Pokemon GO

Witcher 3

Shutter Island

Donkey Kong 64
Well you're almost right Slurmp, I'm just not childish (I can be mature if I want, and why do I look childish ? .-.), and I don't hang out with my (only 2) friends ^^
Slurmp is a 15 year old Norwegian nerd with no friends who loves coca cola
am i right or am i right

Haha! Quite near to correct actually, I'm 14, no problem socializing although I don't like having any friends. I mostly enjoy singleplayer games with either rich stories or unique gameplay. The only FPS I play I am obsessed with(Counter Strike) most others are for casual nubs. Bored in all classes except for math and science(the rest are so easy.)

iizza wrote:
Slurmp is a 15 year old Norwegian nerd with no friends who loves coca cola
am i right or am i right

Iizza is a 14 year old female swede who hates movies so much she won't even name any on a movie thread. Her real name is the Spanish/Italian form of Elizabeth, which is where she gets her nickname. iizza also loves cupcakes/popsicles.
AZTERiX_ wrote:
Her real name is the Spanish/Italian form of Elizabeth

The name "Elizabeth" comes from hebrew (Israel) not spain or italy:P
You got everything wrong, I'm 15, I'm not ethnically Swedish, I don't hate movies I just don't watch them, my name is IZABELLA, IZABELLLAAAAAA....
And wtf cupcakes and popsicles? no. I like fruit and vegetables. It's all I eat.


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