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Ban issue based on false accusation

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Hi, this is a ban appeal about something that first happened over 6 months ago back in October 2015, an unsung hero gave me the idea to make a post about this here, because honestly, it's been far too long. Glad to see the forum back up and running as well.

This is.. according to me, somewhat of a silly issue, that should not have happened to begin with, but it has, and it's not going away, and I'd really like to resolve it once and for all. So I'll start at the beginning and tell you exactly what happened, I could be very passionate about this and say all kinds of things, but I'll try to be as objective as possible. But please understand, it will be impossible to talk about this without naming names. Allthough I suspect that alot of you that are from ravand are aware of this anyway. This will be some reading so bear with me..

I built on the server for a couple of months starting from about a year ago, until October, when I was banned. A short time before that however, I recieved a warning for advertising on the server, at the time I was in a buildteam and I was in short, looking for builders for it on ravand, speaking to them privately about it. I wasn't aware of the rules regarding this, and for that I appologize, that is not what this is about though. It's about the admin Rol28's claim that I've been copying his and VictorComixes ships's and using it as my own. Now, I've built exactly one ship on ravand, which was a small one on my very first plot. Funny enough when Rol first saw it he asked if it was based on Victorcomixes ships... However, I build all my other ships on my own server, which I invited both of them to, which made possible the.. claim by Rol28.

Building realistic 1:1 ships in minecraft is some of the most nishe'd things you can do, it is all very strict, based on blueprints, correct scales, dimensions, pictures, models and so on. Ofcourse though there are room for different styles, priorities and so on. I had already been building ships for a long time before I even got to ravand, but at that time I was doing alot of research ship interiors, trivia details, all kinds of stuff, and I also learned a few key things about it from VictorComix and Rol28. These aspects of learning.. enabled me to build better ships than I had previously done before, it was a small adjustment but an important one. An adjustment that also had the effect of instantly making my ship appear quite similar to that of the 2 mentioned people. I'm talking specifically about hull shape and scale here.

Anyway, shortly after this I started on a project on my own server of building a replica of an 18th century spanish ship, called Santisima Trinidad. At roughly the same time, this was.. probably in september if I remember correctly, VictorComix started building his HMS Gloria ship, which is based partially on the Santisima Trinidad. Now understand, I had no idea he was building that ship, until well after I started to build mine. Natually these 2 ships would turn out quite similar, in terms of dimensions, and colors, gun numbers etc.. I also happened to put a random figurehead on my ship that was similar to his.
There may have been a couple of other small features on my ships that Rol claimed to be stolen, I can't remember that specifically though.

Pardon me if I'm wrong here, but I believe it was at this time, which was in october 2015, that Rol banned me from Ravand, for "copying / stealing ships" I quickly want to mention something that is fairly obvious throughout the entire minecraft community, people use each others designs, more or less, ALL the time, most people call it inspiration. Being accused of copying is one of very few things that's capable of offending me, as I do take pride in my shipbuilding. Understand that I would never even have made this thread, if it weren't for the fact that I have an interest in the server. I can build ships fine on my server, and since recently I'm a member of Team Lyrah, where we have a wonderful building environment. But, I would like to still be a part of Ravand because of the community, because I have a couple of friends on it, I want to be able to help people with building, take part in the server in general and ofcourse have it as a great source of inspiration that it is.

From october to this time, I have, on several occations, mostly during the first month, tried to talk to Rol about this, to explain to him exactly why I build the way I do, where I get my sourcematerial, what I base this and that ship feature on etc etc. basically explain my building block by block, show him ingame to prove that there is no matter of copying involved. I've tried to contact him via other people, via this forum by pm, but all he's met me with is silence, because he simply doesn't want to have anything to do with me. I've even argued this issue with Veloticy, that apparently Rol managed to convince, by PM on Planetminecraft, after I released my replica of HMS Victory, which Rol28 happened to be building as well. I invited VictorComix to my server to have a look at my HMS Victory at this time as well, and being a great shipbuilder, after exploring through the entire ship, he concluded that it is Obviously not copied. Which he also told Rol. Also at this time there was some kind of error on the ravand server which removed the banlist (best guess by Victor) which allowed me for a couple of days to be present on it, during those few days, 3 I think it was, I merely chatted with people, helped a little with a few projects etc, as soon as Rol happened to see me though, he asked why I was unbanned, and then banned me again with the ban message "byeeeeeeee".

Alright.. that's pretty much all of it, that last ban happened about a month ago, not really anything to tell since then.
My general point with all this, is that whatever Rol believes I've done, it is hardly cause for a ban, it's not within the "realm" of reasons to ban someone. Minecraft build servers is about sharing creativity, pooling brainpower and cooperation, not to show off copyrighted material in your own little build boxes that no one else must reproduce. When it comes to something as specific as building realistic ships in minecraft, and even more specifically, replicas of real historical ships, when you're building at that "high end level", and especially when doing it in the same resourcepack, it's more than likely that you end up with similar ships, especially in terms of the dimensions, colors, content, interior, rooms and so on.. It's just a natural consequence of shipbuilding, and isn't really justifiable grounds to calling it plagiarism.

I should also mention that, I've heard from a nameless person that Rol has.. how shall I put it mildly, been talking bs about me on the server. Basically spreading lies that I've been "copying" ships, and even "entire houses" <- quote, which is nothing but fantasies. I only mention this as a footnote because it's not really part of the actual issue. But talking in public chat about someone to turn the community against him.. well, you can decide for yourself what you think about that.

I would like to have a discussion about this, if there are any arguments in favor of this ban.. then I'd be more than happy to talk about it, I will do my best to stay objective in discussing the events, and focus on resolving this by proper discussion.

I thank you for reading it all, and hope to get this over with quickly.
Now I don't know so much about this but from what I hear from Your ban appeal, that shouldn't really been bannable for 6 months, but if Rol would care to explain more instead of just saying no maybe People would understand more what the problem is for both sides, not just Yours.
indeed exactly, thank you. Don't be a wall please Rol.
i wont explain because we had this sooooo many times you had many chances but fucked up everytime. now this ban is for ever. you can keep wasting your time with bitching about it and complaining and lying to others. we will ignore that. its not my job to explain what you did to everyone over and over again. so. nein
I had so many chances? Pardon me but, from the moment you banned me you've ignored me at every attempt I've made to talk with you. Not your job to explain what I did "to Everyone" ? What are you talking about..?
*grabs popcorn*
What a dissapointment, I was hoping the leaders of this great server had some integrity at least, but if you can't even attend to your own forum, and especially this section and a matter / case such as this, whats the point of having it?
Welcome to Ravand ;)
It's not like rol28 hasn't attended to this a couple of times, right, and i haven't been draged into this all of the time, right, but sure, no integrity.

Infact if you stay banned it shows 100% integrity

As i said many times before, i wasn't there i can't judge wether your ban is just or not, but you clearly seemed to have pissed of rol28 and VictorComix with the ship stealing story, they wouldn't do this if they weren't conviced enough.

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