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Ban issue based on false accusation

Did you get banned for no reason? Tell us here!
Ravand, the only time rol actually talked with me was prior to the ban, he hasn't "attended" to anything after, and no? as far as I know you've hardly been involved at all? Sure I pissed off Rol, but didn't you read? Victor isn't mad about this, last time we spoke, he was on "my side".. integrity isn't the same as stubborness you know. Would you mind naming the server rule under which this ban is applicable?
Only because i haven't talked with you about this doesn't mean i wasn't involved. I wasn't there yes, but i also had to hear from rol and victor numerous times about this.
The problem isn't anyones stubborness... the problem is that rol28 thinks you are trying to find a way back in to continue doing what you were banned for (stealing his builds, with worlddownloader or whatever methods) if i decide to unban you and you will do this, what then? According to rol28 you did this a couple of times and not just once.

And also, why is everyone so obsessed with finding technicalities within the server rules? There are certain things that don't need any mentioning on the server rules because they are self evident.
I agree on rule technicalities, it shouldn't have to be mentioned that doing what he claims I've done, isn't something you should do, wheter it's applicable for a ban or not it secondary. If you ask Victor today what he thinks about it he'd probably tell you something very different than 6 months ago.

Rol is convinced I'm trying to get back into "what I was doing".. well, despite everything I've written of why I want to get back, there is no proof in either direction of what I supposedly did back then, and as long as he's unwilling to listen to me, I can't prove to him that I havn't, and that I'm not doing it, heck I would ban me if I did what he says. As I showed Victor, it is abundantly clear for anyone with sufficent ship building knowledge, that my ships are far from copied. ANY, of my ships, and as I've said, I've invited him several times to my server to show him this, but it's quite difficult to explain something to someone wearing earplugs and running in the opposite direction.

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