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Share any suggestions for the server here!
So I was looking at the ranks, and noticed that the Donator and the Supreme-Donator are the exact same except they have a purple name, I'm not one to be picky, but I love supporting servers, and usually get the best ranks, for benefits and helping. I would suggest that you do something similar to Mega-Craft, where lower ranks don't have as much, but are still functional, but they also had to vote for 30 to 45 minutes of copy and cut and paste. Still love yah guys, and still will be purchasing the Supreme-Donator.
P.S.- make more than 12 plots available to higher ranks, so they can combine big plots, for bigger projects
Each Donator rank (Donator, Donator+ and Grand-Donator) has progressive accolades. Donator, for example, mostly gets access to more plots and world edit, while Donator+ gets more cosmetic upgrades such as /hat and /trail (plus more plots,) while Grand-Donator and Supreme-Donator further expand upon these permissions (and more plots.)
Mostly what I'm getting at is that there needs to be more than 12 plots access for high tiers if lower tiers are getting that. I understand this is no pay to win server, but It would be nice to be able to have more, and maybe combine them?...
Each Donator rank already receives more plots than the previous rank in addition to a large number of credits, which can be used to purchase more plots.

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