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Hello ^^

Are you new to the server or the forums? Introduce yourself here!
So I've seen there's user introduction, I guess it's an obligation for people newly registered .-.

Isn't written how to do it so I'll do it in pink with some rainbow colored words and a small heart at the end.

So, I'm from France, in Alsace. Here we don't have many iconic things beside beer and all type of alcohol (liqueur/schnaps mostly).

I'm 15 years old, and I like most things that need imagination: reading, writting stories, video games, ect. I'm also a huge fan of Doctor Who, and listen to a lot of type of music, but maybe not the most common: symphonic/death metal, hardcore (and some of his sub-genres: Terrorcore, Speedcore, Darkcore, Flashcore, Frenchore), opera, classical music, and trip-hop. Of course I listen to some other styles but less often.

An to speak about Minecraft, I'm good at redstone and command blocks, but not much at building. Like absolutely not. So ravand is a good way for me to learn it, even if it's not easy, plus people on it are kind ^^

Here is a little example of what I listen to, because most people don't know what's hardcore, even if you may do ^^


The first two are breakcore, the others hardcore except the last one which is flashcore :3

Have a good day ;3

Hey Hewe_ welcome!
Your thread kind of hurt my eyes a bit when i was reading through it but thanks for introducing yourself anyway :P

That's a very specific taste of music i guess :D

Have fun on the server ;)
Welcome Hewe_ to the ravand server!
Hope you are having a great time and im glad you met some friendly people.
If you want any advice you can always ask me.
Good luck with the building and see you around!

Coco :D
Thank you, that's nice from you ^^
And yes, it's a special type of music but there's always someone to like it ^^
Hello again Hewe!
We already met on the server, but welcome to the forums! <3
Thank you :3
Welcome to the server Hewe!
I hope you'll enjoy your stay (:
Thank you, I do ^^
Welcome mate
Thanks ^^

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