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Ravand Community Halloween C- Contest

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Ravand Community Halloween C- Contest
As you may know, it has been a tradition to hold a contest on the Creative- world for the past few years during October. And I’m here to announce yet another Halloween Themed Contest!

1st: GerPac 79/100
2nd: Redranger__ and Kurgahn_ 76/100
3rd: Lego10gubbe and FilTheMilkMaker 75/100

The challenge will, quite obviously, be to build a C- plot with a spooky and dark atmosphere.
The Contest will begin at 5AM GMT+0 (1AM EST) on October 20th, and will end at 4AM GMT+0 (12AM EST of Oct 31st) on November 1st. Each team will have roughly 12 days to finish and submit their plot for the contest.

    The maximum team size is 2 members.
    The maximum plot size for this contest is 4 merged C- plots.
    Late entries will be accepted, however 2 points will be deducted for every hour late your submission is compared to the deadline.
    Any attempt to interrupt, distract or harm another team’s build will result in an immediate removal from the contest. Enforcement of this is at the discretion of the Judges.

The contest will be judged by killer, lava, iizza and I. Once all submissions are received, each of us will individually judge the plots based on criteria, and reconvene to decide a winner.

The Criteria is as follows:
    Atmosphere - 5pts
    Detail - 5pts
    Originality - 5pts
    Theme - 5pts
    Overall Quality - 5pts

    The winning team will receive the following:
    Donator Rank
    20 Credits each
    A warp to the winning plot
Every team who submits a plot will receive 10 Credits for participation!
**As always, members of the Build Team may be monitoring your progress and your cooperation between your partner. We have traditionally recruited players who have stood out to us in this regard!**

To Submit, reply to this thread with the following format:
How to get to the plot (/p v name #)
The Caves
/p v Archtexture 10
Just a reminder that there's now slightly under 5 days to finish and submit your plots!

To submit, reply to this post with:

- Your Name (and partner, if applicable)

- How to get to the plot i.e: / p v (your name) (plot number)
/p v GerPac 6
wessel1701 and L1G7

/plot visit L1G7:2
Redranger__, Kurgahn_
/p v Redranger__ 26
Lego10gubbe and FilTheMilkMaker
/p v Lego10gubbe 15

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