Real Name: Sam Wilson

In Game Name: Chercing

Current rank: [Architect]

Country: I live in Australia (Brisbane)

Time Zone: UTC+9:30

Age: I am 15 at the moment

Why Do I Want This Rank?
About 2 years ago I join another server where there were a few really good builders as I learnt and progressed through the server I found the love to build. Creating spawn, arenas, urban environment, you name it I can build it (modern is my only downfall.) This set me on a path of success as I found a passion for building. As I have been on the build teams of many servers (as you can see in my “have you ever had a experience as staff” section.) I came here and found that this server is where I belong and were I would want to stay for the years to come on Mincraft. I want to help make this server become a better place, as I said before I would love to make new arenas, spawns, and creating a new I would love the opportunity to build and help out around the server!

]Have I Ever Had Experience As Staff? On another server I had the rank of [staff] of more then 100 people. Also on another server I obtained [Build-team-manager] (not naming the server,). These have been great experience for me as I could interact with many people sustain my friendships in the future.

How active will I be?

Now that I am going back into school time players with regularly see me one with about ranging from 2-4 hours a day (really depends.) On holidays and weekends players will see me on much more (unless on vacation,) with anywhere between 2-5ish hours. .

What do I kick for?
Command: /kick (player) [Reason]
Spamming (words, letter, ect.)
Encouraging rule breaking (This can also be a temp or ban but it would have to be at a higher level and if the player does not stop)
Caps (3+ words)
Refusing the server rules
Disrespect towards other people, (doesn't matter about rank, may include things such as “Trash” “You suck at PvP” “ezz” ect.)
Spamming staff members after being requested to stop or they have said 'No.' (So Spamming in general)
Being rude or mean towards someone else / Bullying (needs to be a non-acceptable rudeness)
Acusing that someone is hacking without full proof or just to get them ban
Trolling or abusing chat
Swearing at someone being rude "Disrespectful." (You are able to swear, just not directly towards players)
Constantly Swearing and player is ignorant to stop
Sexual content directed towards someone
(Admins are the ones to ban and temp.) [Staff] only need to mute and kick.