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Hello people of ravand!

As you already know, Velo has unfortunately decided to leave the server. This has left us with an empty staff spot. We are now on the lookout for a new person suitable for the rank. In the past we have just promoted whoever we found suitable, but this time we will be trying out applications.

Things to think about:
- Due date is 1st of August
- Staff are expected to review plots and control chat (make sure the rules are being followed)
- Troll applications will be removed
- DISCLAIMER: There is a possibility we won't promote anyone at this point of time.

Age: 16 years
Current Server Rank: Garch
Location: Netherlands
When Did You Join Ravand: 2012?
Why Would you be Staff: I have been on Ravand since forever, And I have never done something wrong (Ban/Kick). Always tried to help other people to become a better builder by telling them what they could improve on their plot. I know most build styles and I can build a lot of them. I am a honest, friendly and reasonable player.
What Seperates Me From The Rest: I have a girlfriend XD Nah but I have been on the server longer than some other garch's and I already know a lot of commands. I have had several personal servers and I know what it feels like if someone abuses a rank like Staff or Admin.
How Much Do You Play on Ravand: I play almost daily, I have had a short vacation trip this week but I will be back in bussiness further this week.
Whats a Good Staff in Your Eyes; The Perfect staff member in my eyes, is someone who helps the other builders on the server to improve their skills and knowledge. He has to be friendly, active and not easy to make mad. He needs to have discipline, and he should judge a plot for the content, not judging the builder who made it. Everyone should be equal to him. That's it, killer out :D (I didnt want to put my skype out on the forums)

P.S. Velo you might be a dick sometimes, but you have done a lot for the server. And I am still thankfull for that. And you have been the bravest staff member on ravand for sure. Peace... Out....
Staff application

Personal info

Age: 18
Sex: Man
Current server rank: Architect
Lcation: Belgium


Why should u be staff?
I am very much aware of server standards and am motivated to keep the server together both as builders and as a community.
What seperates you from the rest?
I’m a patient person, full of motivation and ready to help people whenever they need it. I have no problem what so ever with spending lots upon lots of time into helping others and keeping the server together.
How much do you play on the server?
Every day.
What is a good staff in your eyes?
A good staff is someone who has the ability to keep the server together on the building aspect AND social aspect. It needs to be someone people can rely to if they need anything. As for the builds themselves a good staff needs to see what potentials people could show and he needs to give suitable feedback in order for people to learn and make progress. Obviously he also has to respect the rank standards.
age 15
location: califonia (pacific time zone)
rank: architect
i joined ravand: about 8/15/14 (2 years ago)

Why should i be staff...
Well first of all I already give advice when people ask for it, and sometimes when they don't.
I also have pretty good people skills, especially with children. Children may not be the average age of people of on Ravand but many people act like they are children. Finally I know the rules pretty well, I have managed to not be punished on any minecraft server i have played on.
What separates me from the rest...
I am willing to help any one. I also stay calm no matter what people say online.
How much I play Ravand:
I play on Ravand most days between 1 to 2 hours during school days. I wont be able to play at all next week. I play a lot more during summer, like 3-5 hours.
What make a good staff
A good staff is a moderator of the chat, keeping any one from going too nuts.
They know if a build is done well, for little c- builder plots, to c+ grand-arch plots.
They also should not be an asshole, thats a big one.

thats my application, first one I ever made, 12the12
Age: 14
Location: New Zealand (That small island by Australia)
Rank: GrandBuilder (Going for architect)
I joined ravand: About 1-1 1/2 years ago

Why should I be staff member...
I have been playing Minecraft since beta 1.6 (About 5 1/2 years ago) and have been building for about 4 of them. I am dedicated to improving my own and others building skills and I'm happy to give people advice.
What separates me from the rest...
I'm extremely calm, also as said above I'm very willing to help people improve their builds. I also understand the responsibilities of being a staff member and won't abuse them as many possible would. Lastly, I'm also on a lot during a time when admins/staff aren't :P (*Hint Hint*)
How much I play Ravand
I play on Ravand most days between 1 to 3 hours.
What makes a good staff member
Someone who is dedicated to others. doesn't annoy (Themselves or others), is a good builder with experience building. But most of all someone who is kind and doesn't abuse their staff rights.

Age 14
Location Southern California (Pacific Standard Time)
Rank Default for now.. Architect soon
Joined Ravand Although I do not have an exact date it has been about 2 years.

Why Should I Be Staff? I already help people out with plots and suggest ways on how to improve upon them. When asked for help I (most times) respond with as helpful information as I can. I have already had experience on other servers with being a staff member and calming down crowds that have gone out of control.

What Separates Me From The Rest? Well like I said I already have Staff experience and.. I know proper English.. HAH! And I'm pretty good under pressure.

How Much Do I Play On The Server? In the school year 2-3 hours. Summertime I spend 3-5 hours on the server.

What Is A Good Staff Member? A good staff member is a person that helps out those who need it. This goes with reviewing plots as well making sure to know how to judge and rank any plot they come across whether awful or beautiful and not to judge/rank off of subjective feelings towards the person. A good staff member should also be fun and keep things interesting when nothings going on. That is how this server thrives.. off of its community.
Age: 19 years
Current Server Rank: Grand-Architect
Location: Belgium
When Did You Join Ravand: 2014
Why Would you be Staff: I have been staff before but didnt have much time at that moment. Now i have allot more time and I am on the server every day atleast 2 times for a couple hours. I have allot of experience and im always willing to help others out.
What Seperates Me From The Rest: I have experience reviewing and it wouldnt take long before I would pick up the task again. I have been on the server for quite a while. Im a very friendly person and i help when i can!
How Much Do You Play on Ravand: I come on atleast twice a day for 2 hours. Most of the time i spent it flying around and talking to people because im bored. Other times i would build.
Whats a Good Staff in Your Eyes: A good staff is someone who tries to help others improve their building skills and make sure they have a great time on the server. They are friendly, helpful but at some times strict when it comes to rules and such.

Thank you for reading my application and have a nice day!

Age 16
Server Rank Architect
Location America (Central Time Zone UTC-06:00)
Join Date Early 2014

Why should you be staff
I have personally done around 30+ reviews and enjoy doing it as well as helping the community as a whole. I can be immature at times but that's on purpose and if given Staff I would almost always be mature and competent. I also donated $60 to the server because I care about its well being even though it might not seem like it.
What separates you from the rest
I have lots of experience dealing with reviews and angry 12 year old kids. I also am (mostly) friendly and know the community well.
How much do I play on the server
I am on the server every day as well as being on when all the admins and other staff are sleeping because of my current timezone. (excluding lava)
What is the perfect staff
The perfect staff to me is someone who is mature and immature at times. They can have fun without being a stuck up bitch that enforces the rules all the time and likes to interact with the community. They also leave honest and detailed reviews to help people get better and more knowledgeable.
Age: 15 years
Current Server Rank: Builder
Location: Netherlands
When Did You Join Ravand: 2015

Why Would you be Staff: Hallo I'm Sam I like to build,and i am every day online. When im online I am on discord
How Much Do You Play on Ravand: I play almost daily, I have had a short vacation trip this week but I will be back in bussiness further this week.
Whats a Good Staff in Your Eyes; The perfect staff is a staff that is social and helps people with there builds and questions
Age: 15

Current Server Rank:
Grand Architect

Location: Indonesia

When Did You Join Ravand: 2012

Why Would you be Staff: I love the ravand community, I believe what has been built on this server remains unparalleled to any other. Both in architectural marvels and the tight-knit community of talented players. I hope only to do my part in watering and nourishing, if not once in a while pruning this marvelous server.

I would give my maturity a 9/11(though who am I to judge =P,) I enjoy a good joke with the other players and when need be I can be firm and exact with my power. I have been a moderator for three forums, including the official Pixelmon Mod and Smogon boards. I have also helped in various game development projects and mods(e.g. modelling and texturing for TES Renewal's Skywind, a remaster of Morrowind and competed in various gamejams.) I have always been one to welcome all new players and to provide my most careful advice to players old and new. I was once appointed a temporary reviewing position during a lack of staff. I have a good-standing relationship(I hope) with all of the server's staff, including those who have passed. They have been some of the nicest, most talented and friendliest people I've met.

What Separates Me From The Rest: I can speak four languages: English, Javanese, Sunda, Balinese and Indonesian. I will be on frequently during the hours when it is the middle of the night for all other staff, due to my time difference. This would cover a time span which remains un-moderated for the time being. I am also a friendly person(sorry for the self-promo) who enjoys having fun and am not one to overreact, get offended or lash out due to a personal insult. I try my best to better myself and to rise above all personal slander. I have been a certified BSA scout(boy scouts of america) this has taught me discipline and camaraderie. I have been a full time dogwalker and currently own three sweet dogs and 6 fish <3 This has taught me responsibility and routine. I have also worked as a graphic designer, including web designer(visual part, VERY limited web programming experience) and as a part of a game development team.

How Much Do You Play on Ravand: I play near daily, with the exception of my frequent travelling(previously inactive on server due to one month vacation.) When I play, I am usually on for six hours at a time. Then about three hours during the evening. I will be online discord every day.

Whats a Good Staff Member in Your Eyes: Someone worthy of staff is someone worthy of anyone's respect. Extremely detailed, yet non condescending feedback. Someone just, someone mature, a good teacher, a patient person, profecient builder and someone with a loose and fun sense of humor. ;)

Long live ravand.org! Good luck to the other applicants! <3 to all its players and staff!

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