CLOSED - Ravand Community Buildoff Contest! -

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CLOSED - Ravand Community Buildoff Contest!

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And the winners of the buildoff are.....

Team Mediterranean!

Yes guys, Mediterranean team won with 67 points, and on second place we have oriental with 60 points! Congratiulations to both teams. As most of you already know, team European had to quit due to inactivity in the team, but the majority of the members were moved to the other teams.
You will all recieve your prizes soon. I hope you all enjoyed this event because we will be making this a frequent thing.

Mediterranean team: nannehessel, 1q2w3e4r, SergeantChrisTFB, Lego10gubbe, FilTheMilkMaker, TSGroot, GotYah, Jellybel and tigerbread99!

Oriental team: Kurgahn_, Ravick_, 12the12, GerPac, ArcanusMC, CoalBeeman, 1998Hazard and Slurmp!

The final plots can be seen at /warp contest (this warp will be removed soon)

Ravand Community Buildoff Contest
Hello ravand members! I’m here to announce a server-wide build-off taking place Friday the 23rd through Sunday the 25th (of September.)

There will be 3 teams, each representing a certain building style:
Continental European (German, French, etc.)
Mediterranean (Spanish, Arabian, etc.)
Oriental (Japanese, Chinese, etc.)
Note: Depending on necessity, players may/will be switched to balance the teams. We will attempt to contact you beforehand, but if we cannot, we apologize in advance.

To sign up, simply reply to this post with the following:
Your Minecraft IGN
Your rank on (Please note that you must be Builder or above to participate.)
Your preferred team
Your second choice team (this is, as mentioned above, if we have to rearrange teams)

The Contest:
Each team will be given a 48 hour time period to build a C+ Plot that fits the Build-off Prompt. This includes terrain, exterior, and interior. We have made the time-limit so large to allow players of any time-zone to participate!

The competition will start Friday at 9pm (afternoon) / 21:00 German time and continue until Sunday at 9pm (afternoon) / 21:00German time. Prior to the build-off, we will announce a team leader for each team, and provide the plots which will be judged. Each team will be given a separate Discord voice channel for the remainder of the contest.

The Prompt:
Build a town in your team’s respective style.

Any attempt to interrupt, distract or harm another team’s build will result in an immediate removal from the contest. Such actions include but are not limited to:
Standing in-front of someone so they are unable to build.
Mic or chat-spamming to interrupt another team’s discussion
Griefing (whether it is on your build or another.)
World Edit is allowed. For those who plan to participate, but are below the rank of Architect, it may be wise to save up credits for the event so you are not a burden to your team.
Any building before or after time is called will result in an undisclosed point deduction depending on several factors.
However, planning prior to the event is allowed, and recommended.

Veloticy, lavakid88, killerkazuya, Monsterfish_ and I will be judging this event. Once time is called, each of us will individually judge the plots based on criteria, and reconvene to decide a winner.

The criteria is as follows:
Completion (5pts)
Terrain (5pts)
Exterior (5pts)
Interior (5pts)

Each player will receive 10 credits for participating in the event.
However, the winners will receive an extra 20 credits.
In addition, players who stand out in this contest may be offered a spot in the now official ravand Build-Team (The Conquestadors)
I'd like to participate
Arch rank
Continental europe,
and else, mediterranean.
D: too busy that weekend, will be watching though!
Continental European

continental European
Continental European
Continental European
This is what the teams currently look like... Anyone mind joining Mediterranean or Oriental? (girl)

Default but velo said I can participate because I've been here a long time
I can do Oriental :D

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