General Server rules:

- This server is an English only server in order to promote unity and cohesion among the community. You may converse in your own language in private messages, but public chat is to remain English only.

-Spamming, capsing, foul language and intentional harassment will be punished with temporary mutes. If occurs on a regular basis, offenders will be temporarily or even permanently banned depending on severity.

-Hacking and cheating will be cause for a permanent ban. (If you hack or cheat, you are not serious about the server anyway)

-Offensive usernames are not allowed on the server. If players frequent the server under an offensive username, the result will be a permanent ban. (simply change your name to something appropriate if you want to play on the server)

-Sexual innuendos should be only used minimally, if used in excess could result in a temporary or permanent mute/ban according to severity.

-No advertising on the server for other servers/teams/etc unless it is allowed specifically by the admins.

-Most Important [Show respect to your fellow players]

Creative Server rules:

-Inappropriate, ridiculous plots (water/lava plots, spammed terrain, pixel art, beacon plots, etc) will be removed. Example plots at the spawn should provide inspiration for what we expect as server standards.

-If your plot gets griefed it’s your own fault! Don´t add anyone you don´t trust."

-Intentional cause of lag with World Edit or other fps|tps dropping glitches will be punished with permission restrictions or temporary and even permanent bans.

-Abusing the /review command by using it too frequently without improving will be punished with a review request restriction and chances of a promotion will be out of the question.

-Intentional harassment of other people on their plots will be punished with temporary bans or even permanent bans if we receive too many complaints.