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I will be new to the server and was wondering how it worked. Just FYI, I've only ever played on very small, private servers with friends. This will be the first time I've ever played on a large, creative server.

When I log in for the first time, how do I go about getting access to my own plot of land? I've seen ranks, how does one rank up and what comes with higher ranks, larger plots?

Thanks in advance!
First of all for a good experience on our creative server i recommend using our custom launcher/installer, you can get it from

This will install the correct texture pack and client mods that are commonly used on the creative server.

If you start fresh in the creative server you need to type /plot auto
Fantastic, I may jump on tonight and take a look around. I'll be gone for a week on vacation starting tomorrow so I won't be very active.

When I type /plot auto will that warp me to an empty area? I know that I can warp to various locations to look at specific builds. How would I warp back to my plot??
If you type /p auto, it will automatically claim the closest empty plot for you so you can build something on it. If you log on the next day and you want to continue building on the plot, just type /p h (number of the plot). I suppose you've already downloaded Conquest and Optifine 1.7.10 or the launcher so you can get right into building :D
Have fun!

Edit: Here are some download links in case you don't have Conquest or Optifine yet:

- Optifine 1.7.10
- Conquest
(I wrote this a few days ago but my internet broke, so here you go, a little late but I hope it helps anyway)

As ravand said, get the launcher. It will make things easier for you!

As for the ranks on the server, it is very easy once you get used to it. We have Builder, Grandbuilder, Architect, Grand-Architect and Master-Archtitect (which no one seems to have yet lol)

In order to get builder you can make a small plot (C- plot) /warp c- to get there which is 15x15 blocks big. This is a very easy rank to achieve. You just have to show us that you are putting in effort, using a few metas and starting to understand what the servers type of building is about.
Grandbuilder is pretty much the same but obviously more advanced. You also have to make a C plot (/warp c to get there) which is 46x46 blocks big for this rank.
Architect isn't all that easy to get. You have to think about style, atmosphere, detail and realism etc. This is also achieved on a C plot.
Grand-Architect is the highest rank at the moment and you have to make a C+ plot for that which is 151x151 blocks big. Obviously this is more advanced.

You can go straight from default to grandbuilder or even arch, so yes, you can skip ranks. If you have more questions just ask them here on the forums, or the server for instant replies. There is a lot to go thru but i think i covered the basics about the ranks.
Thank you for the information!

I noticed the command to request a review, i'll do that once my building is finished.
Fenster22 wrote:
I noticed the command to request a review, i'll do that once my building is finished.

good luck!

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