[1.9+] List of custom Elytra textures that can be applied by renaming a Elytra in an anvil.
Looking for a specific Elytra to rename? Use the search tool [strg+f] and type in the Elytratype (like limited ,etc), matches will be highlighted. Make sure to read the Elytratype carefully as some have specific limitation to them.

Angel Wings

Bald Eagle

Golden Eagle


End Dragon Wings

Dragon Wings


Fairy Wings

Light Whips


Vex Wings

Ocelot Pelt

White Cape

Black Cape

Blue Cape

Blue Cape With Stars

Brown Cape

Turquoise Cape

Red Cape

Royal robe

Conquest Cape


Steam Glider

Xenthium Glider

[In case there are textures ingame that are not listed here, report them on the official Conquest_Community Discord.